Behoimi PIC
Japanese Seiyū Mai Kadowaki
English Voice ActorRozie Curtis

Behoimi describes herself as a healing or soothing-type magical girl, and wears an eye-grabbing pink costume to prove it. Her name is a reference to a moderate healing spell in the Dragon Quest RPG series. Although she claims to be a magical girl, she never displays any magic powers, since if she were observed using magical powers, she would have to return to the land of magic. In the meantime, she dons a typical magical girl outfit and has an energetic personality, and is only seen down in spirits in the anime.

Behoimi regular

Behoimi's normal form.

After coming to terms that she cannot continue with her magical girl persona, she completely changes her appearance by donning glasses, dying her hair black, tying it in pigtails, and dressing normally. Her personality becomes much more reserved and serious. She still desires to help people, although there is not much she can do as a normal student.

Prior to the series, Behoimi and Media have worked together. When Media becomes a student at her school, Behoimi helps her disarm a number of bombs.

Behoimi is featured in the author's spinoff work, The Alternative Cure Magical Girl Behoimi-chan, where she is a heroine with quasi-magical powers given by the aliens, and fights against the invaders from other planets.