Himeko Katagiri
Himeko Katagiri PIC
Japanese Seiyū Fumiko Orikasa
English Voice ActorBrittney Karbowski
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Himeko Katagiri is a wastefully energetic girl who usually calls out "maho" - a nonsensical catchphrase that has no particular meaning. She frequently annoys the other students in her class with her antics and inability to carry a straight train of thought.  As well as yelling "maho", Himeko is rather obsessed with crab. In the anime, her cowlick (the lock of hair on her head) contains a mysterious power that gives Himeko her limitless energy and is capable of movement on its own accord. After the mushroom incident of the anime, her cowlick shrinks and in order to appear as if nothing has changed, she wears a wig to mask it. Whenever this wig is pulled off, she again loses her energy, though it is returned once the wig is returned to her head. At one point in the manga storyline, Himeko is transferred to Class D after voluntarily becoming a 'free agent'.

Himeko's catch-phrase is saying that a particular thing is "Omega". Himeko possesses the ability to eat as much as she pleases without ever becoming fat, and is particularly fond of crabs. Out of all of the girls, Himeko is by far Becky's biggest fan, much to Becky's chagrin.

Trivia Edit

  • The catchphrase she uses, Maho is a Japanese female given name and the name of the beach that lies next to Runway 10 of Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten. (IATA SXM ICAO TNCM)