Ichijo PIC
Japanese Seiyū Ai Nonaka
English Voice ActorMaggie Flecknoe
Ichijo is the class representative of class 1-C.

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Ichijo has average (size and colour) brown hair which she keeps in a braid behind her neck. Because she is the class representative, Ichijo wears a blue jacket (sometimes red) over her school uniform.


Ichijo is a really silent and mysterious person, only rarely speaking up and when she does say something, it is of little or no words. But, somehow, she always saves the day.


Ichijo has strange relationships

Ichijo's sisterEdit

Ichijo's relationship with her little sister is odd. Ichijo shows no emotion to her. But it is clear that there is something going on. Ichijo act's like her sister is just an object and is rather careless about where she goes. An example of this is when Ichijo's sister waited for her and Ichijo didn't really notice, until she grew into a giant.

Alien Captain

In one of the episodes, it was it was hinted that Ichijo had a crush (if not a boyfriend). In the same episode, it was shown that sed Captain was shown to be rather quiet & reserved. Then, he is shown holding a fish, while Ichijo's voice echoes in his mind.