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'Archangel Michael'

Michael (ミカエルMikaeru) is a rarely seen character. He is slightly overweight and wears sports armour. He can be seen in Episode Twelve in which all central characters are transported inside Himeko's dream, there they are confronted by Michael, who claims himself to be an Archangel. WIthin the dream realm, he acts as a guardian like figure, preventing Rebecca and the others from entering the door to Himeko's heart. It can be seen from the initial meeting that Michael clearly has no intention of letting the girls through to meet with Himeko. Along with his wife, a tortoise, they battle against Rebecca and friends, and as a consequence, ends up beating them, gloating. Eventually, when Rebecca and the others make it into Himeko's heart, they come across Michael once more, who takes a slightly more upfront and violent approach of dealing with the girls, running at them with full speed. However, Michael is eventually defeated and as a result, he submits.

Appearances After Episode TwelveEdit

After Episode Twelve, Michael does appear again for brief moments in various episodes, he can be seen in episode Twenty Five, claiming to be a messenger. In none of these episodes however does he play a major role, or, at the very least a roll where his part is highly acknowledged.


  • In real life, Michael is said to be one of the Archangels serving God. Contrary to actual recorded documents, in which Michael is said to be the most powerful, it is generally believed that Michael is second most powerful to Gabriel. This could be why Michael sports a '2' on his shirt.
  • In the manga, Michael appears at one point, entering Rei's dream, much like he did Himeko's. This time, however, Michael does not succeed.

Quotes Edit

  • (To No.6 when she opens the door) "Are you crazy girl, don't open it!!!"
  • "Lo! I am The Archangel, Michael!"
  • (After Rebecca and the girls lose the challenge) "Sorry, but you lost. If you let something like this bring you down, you'll never become an actor good enough to play [censored]"