Yuzuko Kurusu
Yuzuko Kurusu PIC
Japanese Seiyū Asuka Nakase
English Voice ActorKim-Ly Nguyen

Yuzuko Kurusu is initially seen donning costumes left and right, most notably the rooster costume that makes appearances in the earlier anime episodes. She is a member of the Intelligence Club, the president of which is a black cat. She is number 003 in the Intelligence Club.

Along with the two other members of the Intelligence Club, Hibiki and Akira, she randomly follows other students. The only person who uses the club's talents seems to be Rebecca. In later anime episodes and manga chapters, Yuzuko is best known for her membership in the Film Club and for her frequent encounters with Akane Serizawa of the Drama Club. When they are dressed up in costumes from their respective clubs, they fight, since the Film Club and the Drama Club are apparently natural enemies. However, when not in costume, they are very good friends and like to hang out together, both unaware of the clubs each is in.